About us


Le Centre D’affaire Médical (CAM)

In a 2000 m2 space, more than 7000 items are presented, stored, controlled, renovated or reconditioned.

Our offer covers all the needs of the profession, at all levels: medical equipment and materials, of course, but also technical equipment and furniture, for offices, clinics or hospitals.

Centre d'Affaires Médical (CAM), is a company specialized in the sale of all types of medical equipment, whose common feature is that they are for sale at a discount price. To meet this economic criteria, CAM meets the needs through the two divisions:

  • New Equipment Department

  • Reconditioned Equipment Department

New Equipment Department

New equipment at a discount price: CAM acts for you as a central purchasing agency, knowing how to grab the opportunities that arise on the market. Thus, by its power, CAM purchases large quantities of new equipment, and will sell them at a discount price, the savings can go up to 65%.

When we sell new equipment on the site, we specify it by using the term "new". Otherwise, the items are second-hand or renovated or reconditioned.

Instead of paying I0,000 euros for new equipment, CAM can offer it between 3,500 and 7,000 euros. CAM, by its strategic position, is also an authorized distributor of renowned companies, manufacturers.

Examples of new equipment budgets:

- A complete operating room including: operating table, scalpel, anaesthesia ventilator, multi-parameter monitoring, lighting, suction, medical fluids, and miscellaneous: from 20 000 euros.

- An ultrasound scanner for gynaecology: from 7,000 euros.

Reconditioned Equipment Department

Reconditioned, overhauled, upgraded equipment: CAM is specialized in the purchase and marketing of second-hand medical equipment, from the examination table to the MRI....

Currently the only company in Europe to have developed expertise in several medical fields, we offer prices that allow savings of up to 85% of the new price when purchasing refurbished equipment.

Rather than paying 10,000 euros for new equipment, CAM could offer it, refurbished, starting at 1,500 euros.

Examples of budgets for reconditioned equipments:

- An MRI or a spiral SCANNER CT: from 40 000 euros.

- A fully automated medical analysis laboratory with 50 files/day from 12,000 euros.

- A generalist configured ultrasound scanner from 3,000 euros.

The sense of service

Are you planning to set up a gynaecology cabinet? An analysis laboratory! An entire clinic?

Whatever your field of expertise our engineering consulting teams are at your disposal to assist you in the preparation of your medical equipment. They will ensure the study of your site plans and site monitoring'. in partnership with the architect.

Thanks to our experience and multi-disciplinary skills, you will benefit from substantial economies of scale, in compliance with your specifications.

From medical equipment to... Television!

Besides medical equipment, we can provide you with all the technical equipments you may need: medical fluids, generators, technical cabinets, air conditioning.

We can also provide you with everything related to medical hospitality equipment: room equipment, reception furniture, kitchen and cafeteria furniture, waiting room, laundry equipment, not to mention the switchboard, TV sets and computer system.

Assistance and guarantee

Equipment from the new equipment division is sold with a warranty from 12 to 36 months. The large stock at our disposal allows us, if necessary, to replace the defective product with another one immediately, purely and simply in the event of a technical problem.

The equipment from the reconditioned equipment division are tested very accurately and completely. That's why we can offer you a one-year parts warranty.

In addition, you benefit from a permanent telephone hotline to deal with any incident, whether it is during the start-up or during the operation of your equipment.

Whatever the location, our logistics team can take care of the delivery process: packaging, transport (air, land or sea freight if necessary), setting up.