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Sas de transfere pour milieu de stérilisation entre le côté sale et le côté propre. Produit neuf.

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Sas de transfere pour milieu de stérilisation entre le côté sale et le côté propre. Produit neuf.

Standard hatch unit is fitted with 2 Polycarbonate doors in Stainless Steel frame with silicone extrusion fully interlocked to prevent simultaneous opening. The doors have clear fronts giving visual access from both sides of the hatch and close against the replaceable rubber seals.

Additional features, such as air flushing and 2-way communications systems can be offered as extras if required.
Being electrically operated the doors can be configured either opposite each other or at 90 degrees which offers big advantages in space saving.

Hatch sizes made to suit customers requirements, can contain within replicate chamber rails and docking systems to facilitate transfer of autoclave carriages, etc.


  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Robust Sturdy Design
  • Single Push / Pull Manual Interlock
  • Operation prevents both doors being open at the same time
  • Provision for Chemical Storage in lower cabinet accessible from the ‘dirty’ side only


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